General Information

  • Check-in: 4:00 p.m.

  • Check-Out: 11:00 a.m.

  • Accommodates 2-10 people

  • 5 king beds/ 5.5 baths

  • Private and secluded


The cabin has a lock box with keys. Guests will receive an access code to the lock box 24 hours before their stay.  Guests may arrive at the cabin on/or after the designated check-in time. All efforts will be made to have your vacation home cleaned and ready by check-in time, but sometimes we cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances. Housekeeping and maintenance personnel must provide services between guests.

Cellular Service 

Cell phone service at the cabin can be spotty or non-existent depending on your carrier.  A land line is provided at the house for your convenience.

Eagle's Nest Policies 

  • No smoking

  • No pets

  • No more than 10 guests overnight


Within 48 hours of Booking up to 45 days prior to check in:

Full refund minus the 3% processing fee. If reservation was paid by cash or check.  Full refund will be issue via check. 

14 Days Prior to Check in

20% Cancellation fee of total charges.

7 Days Prior to Check In

No Refund

Natural disasters, acts of God, inclement weather or problems could affect your vacation. We will do our best to accommodate you should a problem occur, but, we cannot refund any portion of your rent.  


Smoking , including e-cigarettes and vaping, is strictly prohibited inside of the cabin. You will incur additional charges for carpet cleaning and deodorizing if any evidence of smoking or vaping are found in your cabin.   


We understand that accidents can occur.  We ask that you help us keep the cabin nice for all of our guests by reporting any damages as soon as possible. Therefore, we require that all reservations have a valid credit card on file in our system. 24 hours prior to check in we will place a hold of 500.00 as a damage deposit.  

Hot Tub Policies

  • Please avoid using glass tableware or glass bottles near the hot tub. You should use the plastic cups available for any poolside drinks.

  • Please do not exceed the maximum number of guests in our hot tubs.  2 for the small one, 8 for the large one.

  • Please put up long hair. Shower before use

  • No food in the hot tub. No toys, candles or floating lights in the tub.

  • Please do not add any chemicals to the hot tub or remove the chemical dispenser.

  • The tub is cleaned on a regular basis by a licenses spa company.

  • Never use street clothes in the spa

  • Children under 5 should never be in the hot tub. All children under 18 must be supervised.

  • Limit time spent soaking

  • Consult a physician before use if pregnant or if you have health concerns

  • Limit alcohol consumption during soaking

  • Attach the cover after use to avoid drownings

  • Do not sit,stand or lie down on the cover. 

  • Be sure to turn off all jets after use.

  • Be careful entering and exiting the spa to avoid accidents

  • Please close cover once you are done

  • All uses of the hot tub do so at their own risk.

  • Guest actions that result in maintenance or damage to the tubs, will be responsible for any costs incurred. Please don’t use any bath towels for the hot tubs. We have provided white spa towels near the kitchen door to the deck for your use.

 If problems occur, call 239-398-6014 immediately